How to Deal with Delayed Ejaculation

If you need some help to deal with delayed ejaculation…you are in the ideal place!

First and foremost, don’t be ashamed, sexuality issues are extremely frequent. However, do not wait until thing get worse.

Thus, it’s incredibly important to treat any erectile dysfunction – or ED – and consequently, find what’s causing it to do it properly.

Now, let’s see how to deal with delayed ejaculation…

To Deal with Delayed Ejaculation, You’ve Got to Know How it Happens

When you deal with delayed ejaculation, you basically struggle to obtain a good ejaculation. And that despite the fact that your erection and libido are doing just fine.

This problem is quite frequent. A study found that 5% of the men interrogated had already lived through a dry spell of a (WHOLE) month.

Another study has a whooping 20% of men who have had a delayed ejaculation for more than 25 minutes! (1)

Also, most participants had to seriously focus in order to achieve climax. Which – let’s admit it – defeats a bit the purpose of sex.

And it was clear that a delayed ejaculation causes in most cases anxiety – and that can easily lead to performance anxiety which only adds to the issue.

However, not every type of delayed ejaculation is equal. There are four main types of delayed ejaculations:
  • Primary Delayed Ejaculation: That’s the one we usually experience when we get sexually active. Nothing wrong here, it gets better eventually by itself.
  • Secondary Delayed Ejaculation: This type of trouble will usually happen out of the blue and often, after a traumatic event.
  • Global Delayed Ejaculation: In this scenario, the delayed ejaculation is persistent and nothing seems to decrease its symptoms.
  • Transitory Delayed Ejaculation: The last type is the most random one, it only happens in a very specific situation that triggers said delayed ejaculation.

How to Deal with Delayed Ejaculation – Frequent Causes

Side Effects of Medication

Often, a delayed ejaculation is the result of certain prescription medication that can delaye or impede a correct ejaculation.

Generally, the main culprits are antidepressants but there aren’t alone. So, if you take any kind of medicine, make sure to read the entire notice. And if you suspect that it could be the cause of your delayed ejaculation, talk about changing treatment with your GP (AKA physician). (2)

Symptoms of Another Disease

Anejaculation – or the inability to ejaculate – and delayed ejaculation can both be the result of prostate issues (i.e. after an operation of a prostate adenoma).

Moreover, other diseases can cause a delayed ejaculation or an anejaculation. For instance, the following pathologies can put anyone at risk: diabetes, alcoholism, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, neurological disorders, spinal cord injuries, etc.

Nonetheless, should you suffer from any of these pathologies, don’t alarm yourself, it may not be linked and if you suffer from a delayed ejaculation, you don’t necessarily have those either.

Physiological Causes

With time, the sensibility of the glans of the penis decreases and the excitation needed to ejaculate increases. In addition, the time of rest between two sexy times gets longer and longer.

As a consequence, this can simply cause a delayed ejaculation. But with supplements, by improving lifestyle & diet, and in severe cases, by taking medicine, it’s possible to dramatically improve sexual life.

Psychological Causes

When a delayed ejaculation isn’t linked to medication, an underlying disease or pornography, there’s a high possibility that the mind might be behind it.

Then, it’s advised to consult a therapist, psychologist or a sex therapist in order to deal with the issue. Also, learning to deal with stress with hobbies, meditation, yoga, exercise (etc.) can greatly help the issue.

The following most common psychological causes for delayed ejaculation are:
  • Performance Anxiety: This trouble is characterized by a real difficulty to communicate and share emotions, and a very heavy duty pressure on the sufferer.
  • Emotional Toughness or Apathy: In this case, the person may be way too controlling and can’t really let go of themselves sexually.
  • A Serious Trauma: A sexual trauma, an incident or the experience of unfaithfulness can cause delayed ejaculations or/and erectile dysfunction.
  • Freud’s Dream: People who project the image of their mother on their partner/sexual interest can be afraid to “defile” the person and thus, this can cause penile issues.

Porn Addiction

Too much porn and masturbation can easily lead to a delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

When you mess with the reward system of your brain, it can take quite a lot of effort to get back to normal and have a satisfying sex life.

Thus, when overdoing porn and/or solo pleasuring, there’s no shortcuts to improve your well being. Usually, it’s recommended to stop definitely or at least reduce the frequency GREATLY. Eventually, a normal erectile function will come back.

How to Deal with Delayed Ejaculation – A Few Final Words

Anyway, take my words with a pinch – if the mentioned advice can resolve your issues, great.

However, if you still experience problems, don’t wait any longer and consult a professional, and ask for a sexological assessment. Sometimes, this can also be accompanied with therapy and/or couples therapy.

With such an assessment, the physician will be able to pinpoint the possible causes of your trouble and offer you an effective treatment. In doubt, you can always consult another professional to have a second opinion.

Because, at the end of the day, there’s no generalised treatment for delayed ejaculation, it really is a case-by-case assessment.

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